World Toilet Organization

July 21, 2016

World Toilet Organization

#PlungerProject's first featured charity is the World Toilet Organization (WTO). Their unabashed, comedic and yet serious approach to sanitation awareness is successfully breaking down the 'poo taboo' around the world. Just watch this video featuring WTO's founder Jack Sim, famously known as: Mr. Toilet.

Their vision

World Toilet Organization's vision is to see a world with a clean, safe toilet and sanitation for everyone, everywhere at all times. They continue to expand the global sanitation movement through collaborative action that inspires and drives demand for sanitation, and provide innovative solutions to achieve sustainable sanitation for all. 

Education and advocation is key

Mr. Toilet points out that ninety percent of India's surface water is contaminated by shit!  

He warns the 'rich man', "you better help them [the poor man] get toilets, or you will eat their shit." ...a contaminated fly does not know the difference between a rich man or a poor man, "so rich man is probably eating the shit of a poor man."

How will anyone change their behaviors if they are not even aware of the negative consequences?

This is why The World Toilet Organization is focusing on education and world-wide advocation. Teaching those in the affected areas about the issues and the consequences of open defection as well as providing solutions through sustainable solutions.

World Toilet Day, November 19th

World Toilet Organization's efforts are not going unnoticed. They convinced the United Nations to officially declare November 19th as World Toilet Day and are currently serving as a special consultant with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. 

The #PlungerProject is proud to support the World Toilet Organization! Their efforts are leading the way in a global effort to bring sanitation and clean water to all of the citizens of Earth. Help the World Toilet Organization spread awareness of this critical issue.