The Plunger Project

It all started with a joke...  



...and the joke became a seriously funny product. 

In the summer of 2015, while working in the production office of a CW TV show, Carl and AJ were laughing about a crazy idea of a silly plunger that looked like a friendly poo.

"I mean, the poo shape is already there..."

...then Carl asked, "Why has no one made this?" and "Why not us?"

Being the natural networker, AJ reached out to an old High School friend, Casey, who helped bring Carl's concept into reality. Several months later, an office space joke became a real and serious company; The Plunger Project.

Both Carl and AJ want to live a life that help to give back to the world and humanity. They realized that a Poo-Plunger would be a brilliant mode to generate awareness and donate proceeds to charitable initiatives. The immediately identifiable design of the plunger serves as a platform for proudly proclaiming that you supported clean water and sanitation efforts around the world. 

We will use #PlungerProject to profile our partnered charities and will always strive for transparency with our impact and donations.

The Plunger Project is the only company using fun novelty items to generate positive solutions worldwide.


Our Mission

  • To build a community of creative, positive thinkers that give something back to this world.
  • We are a forward thinking fun group that wants to use business to make a positive transparent change.
Carl Hickerson Carl Hickerson

The Visionary

AJ Ramadan

The Networker

AJ Ramadan

Casey Fordyce

Casey Fordyce

The Engineer