Giving Back

10% net proceeds go to support worldwide Clean Water & Sanitation intiatives.


2.4 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation or clean drinking water**.

This is a continuing crisis that is getting worse every day as this earth's population increases.



We here at The Plunger Project want to spread awareness of this continuing crisis. We dream of a world with easily accessible clean water and sanitation for everyone, everywhere, at all times.

10% BACK

We are committed to give 10% net proceeds of PooPlunger sales to clean water and sanitation charities. 


Learn more about efforts being done around the world and how you can support a change for good!



** Source: World Health Organization and UNICEF - "Progress on sanitation and drinking-water - 2015 update" (ISBN 978 92 4 150914 5)

Squatty Potty Partnership

We are proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with Squatty Potty! Their similar core values and increased resources will help boost the PooPlunger to the global market! 

Plunger Project is still saying true to our pledge to give back and still plan on giving 10% of our profit from the PooPlunger to help support clean water and sanitation charities.