The PooPlunger

The Plunger Project

Limited Quantity! 


The Happiest Plunger In The World!

The toilet plunger is a tool that every house needs, but no one really wants. That's why it's hidden, out-of-sight out-of-mind. Finally, we have made a plunger that you'll be proud to display. The friendly PooPlunger is sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees it.


Your PooPlunger is a statement that you support a world with easily accessible clean water and sanitation for everyone, everywhere, at all times. #PlungerProject

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Squatty Potty Partnership

We are proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with Squatty Potty! Their similar core values and increased resources will help boost the PooPlunger to the global market! 

Plunger Project is still saying true to our pledge to give back and still plan on giving 10% of our profit from the PooPlunger to help support clean water and sanitation charities.